Late last week, a Chelsea, Mich. man was driving around town with his 17-year-old girlfriend and two of their friends when his girlfriend looked up at the ceiling of his car and noticed something rather curious. It was another girl's name scribbled across the ceiling. And when she saw it, she was obviously not very happy about it and wanted to let her boyfriend know that it was not acceptable for it to be there. So she flipped out and started yelling at him.

Unfortunately, though, she didn't stop there. In addition to yelling at her boyfriend, she also allegedly grabbed a small machete that was in the backseat of the car and started hitting the ceiling with it in an effort to remove the girl's name from the car. And when her boyfriend tried to intervene by attempting to take the machete away from her, she turned her attention to him. According to the boyfriend, she hit him several times with the machete and also bit his forearm.

As of right now, the boyfriend has filed a police report against the girlfriend but she has not been arrested yet. However, it seems there are several lessons to be learned here. Lesson one: If you have a girlfriend, do not write another girl's name on the ceiling of your car. Lesson two: If you do write another girl's name on the ceiling of your car, make sure you have a really good reason/excuse for why it's there. And lesson three: If you don't have a good reason/excuse, make sure your machete is tucked away in the trunk.

On a serious note, we're glad this incident didn't get even more out of control than it did. But this just sounds like it was a disaster waiting to happen from the moment the man picked up his girlfriend in his car.

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[via Chelsea Standard]