In the US, we are accustomed to seeing some very quirky and desirable cars that hail from the far corners of the world, however Brazil is not usually one of the list-toppers. That’s all about to change now that Ford has announced it will begin producing this.

What you’re looking at is the pre-production Ford Troller T4, and it’s been trolling our minds all morning, given that we can’t have one in the US. The T4 is Ford’s first all-new vehicle to come out of the Troller marque since it was purchased back in 2007, offering barebones utility in an especially striking package.

Underneath the rough-and-tumble body lies as 3.2L diesel powerplant mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. Power figures go unmentioned, but torque should be – er, torquey. Ford is a bit vague on its offroad capabilities too, but judging by the “4x4” badging on the sides and what looks to be a solid front axle underneath – it should be more than capable in the rough stuff.

Troller has made a name for itself in Brazilian rallying over the years – here’s hoping Ford decides to bring the T4 to the states, eventually. Bring the global Ranger too.

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