It turns out that Ford’s impressive MPG ratings for its most fuel-efficient cars might just be a bit too impressive. The Detroit giant is slashing ratings on a slew of its gas-sipping vehicles and promising compensation for owners left spending more at the pump.

Around 200,000 vehicles have been affected, including 2013 and 2014 models of the Fiesta, plug-in hybrid C-Max, Fusion, and Lincoln MKZ. Most of these discrepancies equate to around one to two miles per gallon at most, however the MKZ stands to lose up to eight miles per gallon in highway driving.

Customers who leased a 2014 Fiesta will see around $125 in compensation for the fluke, while 2013 MKZ hybrid owners could see $1,050 in repayment. That’s not a bad paycheck for driving around a new car.

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[via USA Today]