How was your weekend? Low-key? Boring? Quiet? Floyd Mayweather's weekend was, well, none of those things.

On Saturday, he posted this photo of himself on Instagram along with the caption, "There's no salary cap on my roster":

And then, he proceeded to go out and prove it by attending a party at Club E11even in Miami for DJ Irie's birthday party. He blew $100,000 in the strip club and documented his experience by posting this video to Instagram:

As well as this video:

And he summed up his weekend with his captions for the videos. "I f*cking love my life," he wrote alongside the first video, before stating the obvious alongside the second one. "Life is good."

It sure is, Floyd. It sure is.

If you want to get a NSFW view of what it looked like when Floyd was throwing his money in the air, head over here. There's nothing low-key, boring, or quiet about that.

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[via WorldStarHipHop]