Over the course of the last five days, Justin Bieber has gotten caught using the N-word not once, but twice in old videos that he recorded when he was 15 and 14, respectively. And while there were some people out there who were willing to forgive him for the first transgression, a lot of those same people were not so forgiving the second time around.

However, there have been some people who have been able to forgive Biebs both times simply because of his age at the time of the recordings and the fact that he's Canadian. One of those people is Whoopi Goldberg, who spoke at length about Bieber using the N-word on The View and said that his age and his country of origin are reason enough for her to look beyond him using the N-word during his teen years. And two major athletes have also agreed to forgive Biebs for the same exact reasons. In fact, those two athletes—Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson—actually tweeted out a clip of Goldberg speaking on The View as their official responses to the most recent Bieber video.

Mayweather tweeted this out earlier today:

And Tyson followed suit a short time later by sending out this tweet:

Do you agree with their positions—or do you think they're letting Bieber off too easy?

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