Less than a week ago Miami Heat fans (or people calling themselves "Miami Heat fans") got some tough (but expected) news when LeBron James opted out of his contract. Now both of his fellow "Big Three" members are following suit with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh joining the free agent market following a meeting with LeBron. Both players had two years left on their contracts.

In doing so, Wade is leaving $41.8 million on the table, while Bosh is leaving $42.6 million. The vacancies leave the Heat with an NBA record $55 million in cap room. Their top priority is retaining all three players (which is still a possibility for you pessimistic South Beachers/Bandwagonners).

According to reports, Bosh is willing to take a paycut to remain with the organization. So what are the odds D-Wade and/or LeBron do the same?

That's up to you to speculate on.

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[via ESPN]