slapped with a paternity suit from a former stripperallegedly offered that same woman $1 million to "not move forward with the pregnancyhad an affair with the fianc?e?of his teammate Roy Hibbertthat whole catfish storyMVP Sports Media TrainingCritique My Dick PicThe Straight Arrow MethodWhat was your point of view on the whole situation with the woman who leaked the pictures which initially stemmed from a catfish rumor?Can you give an example of one person?There was a hashtag George contributed to a while back where he posted something on Twitter that could've offended African-American women. Isn't that a pitfall of that approach of appearing like he's simply talking to his friends??George is now in offseason mode. What's your prospective on athletes in the offseason??fishing with teammatesa friendAre you reading this Bass Pro Shops?! Anyway, what is your stance on athletes posting pictures on sites like Instagram??
The Let-PG-Be-PG MethodThoughts on the pic?D-What could George have done to make his picture stand up, er, out more?Interesting.?How did this site get started??About how many submissions do you receive in a day? Week?Does it surprise you at all how comfortable dudes are with sending you these pics, especially when they are for critical analysis??@ZayMarty