In 2003, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Horn celebrated a touchdown by pulling out a cell phone and making a callon the field!during a game. Horn’s antics epitomized a golden age of touchdown celebrations, which was led by Chad Ochocinco (then, the more endearing Chad Johnson) and Terrell Owens. Since then, however, the end zone’s been a mostly somber place. But, Detroit Lions TE Joseph Fauria is leading a TD dance revolution one post-score performance at a time. 

In the first part of our conversation with Fauria (embedded below), Complex News touched on the birth of a dancing icon. In the second part of our interview, naturally, we presented the rookie standout with ten viral dancing videos and asked him to give each a veritable thumbs up or thumbs down. So, are these guys "killin' it" or "feelin' themselves a little too much"? The NFL's dancing gawd explains.