Date: 6/21/2003

Tyson had an interesting way of dealing with fans, especially those who wanted his autograph. Whereas most athletes would "stop, sign" or "take a picture," Tyson's approach was to "beat the everloving shit out of them." (Fortunately, for that kid in the picture he's since changed).

Tyson explained his unique approach to public relations by referencing an instance where two fans were bugging a coked-up Tyson who reacted by chasing them both through a hotel lobby and up an escalator before knocking one of them out with a single punch. The remaining (still conscious) fan was cowering behind the front desk when Tyson approached him. But the man was saved thanks to a well-timed arrival by hotel security. Tyson has been known throughout his career for his violent outbursts and willingness to take on most anyone at anytime, but even the "Baddest Man on the Planet" still had his limits.


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