Another year around the globe, another batch of stories. Today Iron Mike Tyson turns 48 and along with that extra time to reflect we're sure the former Heavyweight Champ has gained another tale or two for a future rendition of his one-man show. We're talking about a dude who's done it all. One of the rare figures in sports who's actually interesting without manufactured hype. He's like that Dos Equis guy if instead of running with the bulls of Pamplona, he--say--beat up seven prostitutes while high on coke and morphine.

His life both in and out of the ring has been part lunacy, part performance art. He's starred in his own video game, been to prison, bitten off an ear, adorned title belts, blown hundreds of millions of dollars, scared the shit out of everybody in the country, and then come back as a lovable post-career fighter who's been validated and embraced by that very same public. Along the way he's done a bunch of stuff that we wouldn't recommend (look no further then that tattoo on his face) and today (in honor of his birthday) we did our best to sort through his nuttiest anecdotes and ultimately rank the madness. Here's The Craziest Mike Tyson Stories of All Time.

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