Down 3-1 in the 2014 NBA Finals, Chris Bosh refuses to believe that the series will end tonight in San Antonio. In fact, Bosh has gone as far as guaranteeing a win while speaking to the media. "We're not going down. We're going to win this game tonight," CB said earlier today. "We're going to come. We prepare like we need to do. Plain and simple, we're going to win this game."

According to CNN's Rachel Nichols, Bosh had Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Udonis Haslem over for dinner Friday night to "eat [and] talk about to turn this series around." Maybe that discussion has convinced Bosh enough to go out of his way and predict a W for the Heat. Or, maybe, CB thinks that there's nowhere to go but up after two pitiful home performances in Games 3 and 4. 

We'll find out if Bosh & Co. can follow through on their promise in a matter of hours. Stay tuned.  

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[via Eye On Basketball]