Coaching Seasons: 1981-90, 1991-2003, 2005-08
Teams: Lakers, Knicks, Heat
Record: 1210-694 (.636)

Pat Riley wasn't always the maniacal, mobster-looking figure responsible for constructing the Miami Heat's Big Three. Over his near-half-decade in the NBA, he's donned many hats. The first of which was as a player. Riley played nine seasons in the NBA, averaging seven points for the Lakers, Suns and San Diego Rockets.

But he became a household name with the "Showtime" Lakers of the early 1980s, appearing in the Finals in seven of his first eight seasons as an NBA coach. With four rings to his name by the age of 42, Riley fled to New York after a nine-year run in tinsel town. He then presided over the Knicks for three seasons in the mid-1990s, including their 1994 Finals run. His no-layups mentality regarding the team's defense won the city over as quick as it came, but Pat the Rat earned his moniker in summer 1995, when he famously faxed in his resignation letter before joining Miami the following fall.

Riley nailed down one last coaching banner in 2006 with Miami, after he yanked the reigns back from Stan Van Gundy early in the season. With the book closed on his coaching career, the Heat President stands alone at fourth all-time in wins, second in playoff victories, and is still adding rings to his collection.