Coaching Seasons: 1996-1998, 2003-10
Teams: Kings, Wizards, 76ers
Record: 257-343 (.428)

For four teams over a seven-year span, Eddie Jordan played the role of reserve point man to the tune of eight points and four assists a game. Spending time under a young Pat Riley on championship winning Lakers units, it was feasible that Jordan's basketball mind would eventually make for a decent coaching hire.

Jordan's best season as coach was a 45-37 run with the Washington Wizards in 2005, when they went on to get swept by Miami in the second round. The last we saw of him in the NBA was in 2009-10, when he manned the 76ers' bench, going 27-55 and lasting just one year before getting canned, proving that the Princeton offense has no place in the pros.

These days, Jordan is running the show at his alma mater, Rutgers University, where he's not throwing basketballs at people.