The 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee is upon us offering yet another year of stellar, scholastic competition. At the end, a new champion will be crowned, earning some lucky and talented young kid a shining trophy, along with $30,000 in cash. Kind of makes you wish you had studied the dictionary more as a child, doesn't it? 

Unfortunately, we can't all be great spellers. Sometimes, even the most basic words, phrases, or names will temporarily elude us. But in certain situations, these mistakes are more noticeable than others. For instance, consider sports jerseys.

No one is immune to receiving a misspelled jersey. When an equipment manager is tasked with printing out every single uniform for every single player on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis, some errors are going to be made, even in the simplest cases. Even superstars like David Beckham and John Wall have suffered this treatment. And when these mistakes occur, we're given the Biggest Jersey Fails in Sports History