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The road for recovery won't be easy for the Colorado woman who survived in a crashed car for six days, but it's amazing that she's even alive. Kristin Hopkins, a 43-year-old mother from Colorado, doesn't remember going over a 120-foot cliff, but she says she does remember waking up in her upside down Chevy Malibu.

Hopkins was in the car without food or water for nearly a week before two strangers spotted the wreckage. She was unconscious, her organs were failing, and both of her feet had to be amputated once she made it to the hospital. Despite the length of her being on her own, she was surprisingly optimistic. 

"I never had the death thought in my head," Hopkins said. "It was more or less like all right, well, when will someone find me?"

Considering her injuries and the fact that people are only supposed to be able to survive without water for three days, this story is incredible. 

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