There was a feeling that the second round wouldn't be anywhere near as thriling as the first. But the Indiana Pacers and Washinton Wizards' Game 3 was just ridiculous—in a bad way.

The snoozer saw the Pacers go up in the series 2-1, but the noteworthy part was just how bad the Wizards lost by. After a 24-23 first half, the Pacers outscored Washington 51-30 to close out the game, 85-63.

The Wizards' 63 points was the fourth-lowest playoff total ever in the shot clock era. The first was the Bulls' 1998 Finals slaughter of the Jazz, where they won 96-54.

We've seen Roy Hibbert pull it together after scoring zero points on multiple occasions, so the Wizards can do the same. They have to do so.

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[via ESPN Stats & Info]