With the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie on the summer's horizon, the eternal turtle in all of us is secretly screaming "cowabunga!" But because we are all grown ups and can't run around wearing masks, there is another turtle in town who is radically more bitchin' and wearable: Valentino Rossi's AGV Turtle replica corsa helmet.

First seen at last year's Mugello Moto GP race, where Rossi annually presents custom helmets, the lid designed by Aldo Drudi for Drudi Performance prominently features Rossi's turtle character (often seen smaller in other designs.) The turtle originated from a toy turtle that Rossi's mother had given him as a child, which he mounted on his helmet. Since then, the tartaruga (Italian for turtle), has been an icon seen on Rossi (literally, he has it tattooed to his hip.) Although the helmet and TMNT have nothing to do with each other, here at Complex, we jumped at the opportunity to be able to write Cowabunga, twice. If you're interested, head over to AGV and pick the helmet up for $899.95. 

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[via AGV]