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To say that Mark Cuban's recent interview with Inc.—which featured the Mavericks owner speaking about his own personal prejudices and bigotry—has sparked some discussion would be the understatement of the year. During the interview, Cuban spoke very candidly and, as a result, people have provided all sorts of reactions to his words. In fact, we would guess that if we polled 25 different people about their opinions on Cuban's strong statements, we would get 25 completely different answers from them.

To prove this, we took to Twitter a short time ago to gauge how people are reacting to Cuban's interview on social media. And as we predicted, people are reacting to it in all kinds of ways. Some are unhappy about the fact that Cuban chose to say that he would "move to the other side of the street" if he saw "a black kid in a hoodie," while others are outraged over the outrage that those people are feeling and urging them to watch the interview in order to understand the context of Cuban's comments.

Bottom line: Cuban's interview has the Internet going nuts right now. Click through our gallery to see 25 of the strongest reactions to it that we've seen on Twitter.