The claims can’t be confirmed as of yet, but the Australian publication Motoring is reporting that Toyota will add a convertible option to the GT86 coupe (Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ for the US), but also a turbocharged and all-wheel drive sedan version as well. Our prayers have been answered. 

Japanese sources revealed that Toyota could make the convertible version available as early as this year. The convertible GT86 has reportedly been part of Toyota’s plan all along, and you could see one in showrooms by October. The cabrio’s power folding roof is expected to add 60lbs to the curb weight however.

But it’s the turbo engine and all-wheel drive sedan that really have our attention. Sources point to Subaru’s current Direct Inject Turbo as the first new powertrain fitted to the lineup, which produces around 295hp. Toyota’s second powertrain is rumored to be a boxer-hybrid system fitted with two electric motors to power the front wheels. We can only hope.

The turbo is expected to find its way underneath the hood of both coupe and sedan in 2016, with the hybrid all-wheel drive option likely to remain on the sedan.

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[via Motoring]