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The San Antonio Spurs smoked the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday, beating the Kevin Durant & Co. by 35 points in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. With OKC down 2-0, it would appear that it’s back to the drawing board for coach Scott Brooks and his staff. But, if that dummy would just scroll Twitter, he’d see that the answers to OKC’s problems are clearly displayed in Kevin Durant’s at mentions.

@russwest44 you are not the star of team @KDTrey5 is I don't know what the fuck Scott Brooks is doing but you need to pass the fucking ball

— Hannibal Chau (@PiEFACE_BACK) May 22, 2014


@KDTrey5 this on you bro wake up we got 4 more games we need you out there so stop playing like Eric Snow nd play like KD

— *R.I.P BlaccMann* (@Breezy_Da_Man5) May 22, 2014


@KDTrey5 ASSERT YOUR SELF!!! U the best effin player! Your D and effort was shit tonight. Next time Parker try 2 shoot over u, wax dat shit!

— John Abraham (@JustStudDy) May 22, 2014


@KDTrey5 Ibaka got hurt cause the #BasedGodCurse is still upon you all you gotta do is apologize and play Lil B in a game of 21

— Davian (@ITS_ME_DAVE_) May 20, 2014

Pro tip: KD, stop listening to Scott Brooks, and start checking your Twitter. These guys clearly know what's up.