Round: Eastern Division Finals
Date: 4/15/1965
Final score: Celtics: 110, 76ers: 109
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The great Russell-Chamberlain rivalry of the 1960s ensured that the Celtics and 76ers would meet in the playoffs with a trip to the Finals on the line seemingly every year. The 1965 Eastern Division Finals were no different, but this time it looked as if Wilt was going to get the best of his rival.

The Celtics were clinging to a one point lead, but the 76ers were inbounding the ball with five seconds to go after a Bill Russell inbound pass attempt hit one of the wires supporting the basket. Hall of Famer Hal Greer looked to get it to Wilt but Russell was all over him, so he looked elsewhere to another Hall of Famer in Chet Walker. Bad move.

The Celtics' John Havlicek knocked the pass away, and his teammate Sam Jones picked it up and dribbled out the clock.