Sport: Hockey
Criminal History: Conspiracy to commit murder
Time Behind Bars: Five years

The Mike Danton case is like HBO's Dexter, he's a killer you can root for. Sort of. The former NHL player did a five-year sentence for hiring a hit man to kill his junior hockey coach and agent David Frost. The case is complicated by alleged sexual exploitation towards both Danton and his family. After attending a hockey camp when he was 13, Danton's parents filed a complaint that their youngest son Tom was bound naked to a bed and photographed by Frost, forced to dance naked on a table, and shot by a BB gun while hanging from a tree.

After his release from prison, Danton attempted a hockey comeback. While playing for a Swedish third-division club, one of Danton's teammates fell to the ice after a hard hit. Using the first-aid training he received in prison, Danton dropped to his side, waited for his jaw to unclench and then shoved his hand into his teammate's mouth to stop him from choking on his own tongue. His teammate was taken to the hospital, but Danton may have saved his life.