Sport: Boxing (Promoter)
Criminal History: Manslaughter, fraud
Time Behind Bars: Four Years

Don King's made $200M over the course of his grimy career by robbing guys who are trained to knock other grown men unconscious. He allegedly put a hit on Meldrick Taylor, bribed a hospitalized Muhammad Ali, and stole tens-of-millions of dollars from Mike Tyson. But the repeated extortion of planet Earth's scariest humans is perhaps the least alarming of King's transgressions.

In 1954, while growing up in the Cleveland projects as a numbers runner, King shot and killed a man who he suspected of stealing from him. After beating the body with a "justifiable homicide" ruling, King pistol whipped another employee and stomped him to death on the street. A judge reduced the charges from second-degree murder to manslaughter and King received a pardon from the Ohio Governor after doing almost four years in prison. He'd later say of the event, “His head hit the ground. Those are the things that happen.”