Sport: Football
Criminal History: Theft, fraud, forgery
Time Behind Bars: 10+ years

The Big Ten may be an embarrassment to college football, but if there was an AP Top 25 ranking for student athletes/degenerate criminals the conference would be a buzz saw. Art Schlichter was a highly touted first round draft pick out of Ohio State. He may have been a good quarterback, but he was too busy gambling with other people's money to be bothered with football. 

By his own admission, Schlichter stole almost $2M from friends and strangers with cons and bad checks and blew it all in Vegas casinos. He spent most of the '90s behind bars and was once thrown into solitary confinement for four months when he was caught gambling in prison. After founding a gambling awareness non-profit organization and seemingly pulling his life together, Schlichter was charged with felony theft and tested positive for cocaine while on house arrest. In a courageous effort to redefine what it means to hit rock bottom, Schlichter was sentenced earlier this year to an 11-year prison sentence for what a authorities called, "a million dollar sports ticket scandal."