North Carolina is a hotbed of basketball fanaticism. Nearly every school, from the ACC powerhouses to the HBCU strongholds, have a hand in the state's basketball superiority. Dean Smith, Clarence ?Big House? Gaines, Coach K and Jimmy V are all coaches who?ve presided over some of the best and most beloved programs in NCAA history. And born and bred players like MJ, James Worthy, David Thompson and Steph Curry are just a handful of players from the Tar Heel State who went on to NBA greatness. With this breeding ground of talent, there was a natural market for a loyal fan base in 1987 when the NBA created the Charlotte Hornets franchise. They played their first game on November 4th against the Cavs and a love affair began. The team packed the seats, at one point holding an arena sellout streak of 364 games. Powered by an eclectic and talented group of players in the ?90s and one of the most influential uniforms in sports history, they became a fan favorite around the league. Then, of course, things turned sour with the front office and the team eventually moved to New Orleans in 2002. BET founder Bob Johnson returned an NBA team?self-servingly called the Bobcats after his own nickname?in 2004, but their buzz-less franchise has failed to latch on to the fanbase. Smartly, the Michael Jordan-owned team realized where their bread is buttered and today?officially welcomed back the Hornets name and colorway. In honor of this resurgence, we?ve compiled a list of the greatest and most memorable all-time Hornet players. Follow us on Twitter @MrKhalidS and @oakleyandallen  

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