Maybe Steve Francis just sucks at taking photos. Maybe he does look like an actual 37-year-old instead of a 65-year-old who camps outside the bodega with a 40 oz. Maybe he's secretly flourished with some unknown successful business venture.

It's much harder to be optimistic for the former three-time All Star, because he's very rarely been seen in flattering circumstances after his NBA career ended. Once a promising second overall draft pick with handles and flash, Francis' fall was apparently kickstarted with a trip to the Knicks. He stumbled downhill with an extremely short stint with the Chinese Basketball Association, a bad rap video, and some terrible photographs. Some believe drugs are part of his fall, while others point toward sickness. Whatever is the reason, let it be known that Beyonce didn't make "Drunk in Love" for Francis to be looking like this. Let's look back at Francis' struggle.

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