According to Forbes, Steve Ballmer—who retired from his position as the CEO of Microsoft four months ago—has made a bid of $1.8 billion to take over Donald Sterling's Clippers. Ballmer has a reported net worth of $20 billion, and apparently, his proposal is compelling. Donald's wife Rochelle is currently in control of selling the Clips and is attempting to complete the sale via auction.

As of now, the NBA is staying out of the dealings, but we would be shocked if the deal wasn't subject to league approval in some form. Either way, anyone has to be better than Sterling, right? The sale isn't over yet, though, and another piece of the puzzle will come in to play on June 3 when the rest of the NBA's owners will vote on whether or not to officially force out the Sterlings.

It probably won't hurt Steve Ballmer's chances that he has a Super Bowl-winning coach behind him:

Stay tuned to see whether or not Ballmer's offer is accepted and who ultimately walks away with ownership of the Clippers.

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