Failing to advance to the second round of the NBA Playoffs can be tough to stomach. Having a big man could've been the difference. This is the reality surrounding the Golden State Warriors and their seven-game exit of the 2014 postseason. Without a healthy Andrew Bogut, the team was eliminated by the Clippers. But we feel the big man had a pretty good excuse: A broken rib that was dangerously close to puncturing his right lung. Playoffs come and go but lungs are forever. So we can understand where the former first overall pick was coming from.

But apparently not wanting to pop a lung wasn't a good enough reason for an anonymous teammate who told ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith that Bogut was like the tin man, "no heart."

Smith took it a step further by labeling Bogut "Andrew Bogus," because play-on-words are the way to the top. This didn't sit well with the Australian born center who said of Smith a "He is just a wanker, pretty much" on an Australian podcast. 

After years ten minutes of watching First Take we have to say we agree.

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