Whether you know it or not, guard rails are a part of almost every single person's daily life. They're one of those objects that is just kind of there, unrecognized for the most part, off to the side where it's supposed to be. They are made to help you and everybody around you stay safe. They are placed in areas where the long sheets of formed metal will prevent you and your car from entering more dangerous situations, like driving off a cliff, running into a rock wall, veering into another lane, or driving off a really, REALLY steep cliff. You see, cars and cliffs don't mix. 

But what happens when the guard rail, the object that is supposed to be helping and saving people actually becomes the most dangerous part of a car accident? That's what happened to these poor, extremely unlucky people whose cars were skewered when they went headfirst into the rails. Let these serve as reminders to always follow the rules of the road. 

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