Following a fortuitous miss around the basket by Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook sped down the court with the Oklahoma City Thunder down 101-99. Feeling the pressure of the few remaining seconds on the clock ticking away, Westbrook pulled up from deep in an effort to give the Thunder the game-winner, but the shot didn't fall down. The Clippers pulled the series even with the victory and OKC can only help but wonder how they let this one slip away. 

For three quarters, the Thunder were controlling the pace and maintained a comfortable lead over the Clips. Then, OKC collapsed. 

Obviously, you have to give credit to the Clippers, who as Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman pointed out, "during a stretch in the fourth quarter, the Clippers scored on 18 of 19 possessions." However, during that same stretch, OKC was running a gameplan which involved Westbrook milking the clock for far too long before either forcing up a shot or passing it off to a teammate, like Kevin Durant, who had very little time to make anything happen. This happened over and over and over and over again. And next thing you know, the Clippers are within striking distance.

Again, the Clippers deserve credit for pulling off the comeback, but OKC should've never let L.A. get within striking distance.  

[via Clay]