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So you're an Oklahoma City Thunder fan, and you want to show some support for your team. What do you do?

Buy tickets to Game 3 of the 2014 Western Conference Finals? Nah. Spend the next two weeks wearing nothing but Thunder gear? Eh. Record a completely ridiculous rap parody video? YES.

At least, that's what this brother/sister duo just did. Kabir and Karnika Iyengar wanted to show a little love to their hometown heroes, so they put together a rap song called "Rollin' (OKC) Thunder" and shot a video for it. It features lines like:

  • "Rollin' Thunder, yeah, we going till the summer/Playing till June 'cause D-Fish want another"
  • "Got a great coach, talking about Scotty Brooks/He's so damn smart, we should call him Scotty Books"
  • "Our whole squad is money, you should call us Richy Rich/Got Collison and Adams, but I don't know which is which"

And it is…well, great. And awful. And (kinda) funny. And stupid. And both the best and worst thing that you're going to see today.

Press play and prepare to be thoroughly confused.

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[via The Oklahoman]