Earlier this afternoon, the Redskins social media team asked all of the Redskins fans out there to show some #RedskinsPride. At the moment, the Redskins and their owner Daniel Snyder are fighting very hard to keep the Redskins name intact. But there are quite a few people—including 50 U.S. senators—who want the team to change its name. So the 'Skins asked fans to send messages to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid showing their pride in their team:

However, it did not go well because, well, this is the Internet. So while the Redskins probably expected people to actually show their pride, they instead turned around and used the #RedskinsPride hashtag to point out how they're not on board with the team keeping its current name. And they did it in a variety of different ways.

Below, you can read 25 of the best #RedskinsPride tweets that we came across after the Redskins sent out their initial tweet. Safe to say, this is not how the Redskins saw this playing out, eh?

@SenatorReid is probably going to go harder than ever before against the Redskins name after seeing all of these tweets.

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