For the first time in 52 years, the Scripps National Spelling Bee ended in a tie on Thursday. But, while Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe shared the title, seventh place finisher Jacob Williamson was the real star. The 15-year-old Florida native loves spelling stuff more than pigeons love discarded McDonald's fries, and Williamson's enthusiasm became immortalized by the Internet when he celebrated a correct spelling a tad bit prematurely. 

Or, if you prefer, the remixed version, which originated from our friends at Deadspin.

Also cashing in on the hastag economy was the spelling bee’s official pronouncer, Dr. Jacques Bailly, who borrowed a sample sentence from Kelis' sexually euphemistic "Milkshake".

So, was this the trillest spelling bee of all-time, or is Rebecca Sealfon's 1997 triumph still the GOAT? For more on this story, check out the video above.