A short time ago, Ray Rice apologized for the incident that he was involved in earlier this year at a hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. According to reports, Rice and his fiancée Janay Palmer—who has since become his wife—both assaulted one another on the night in question. And while the most serious charges against Rice have been dropped, he still has a lot to be sorry for, especially since, by now, everyone has seen a video from that night that features Rice dragging a seemingly unconscious Janay out of an elevator.

So Rice tried his best to apologize to the Ravens organization, Ravens fans, and NFL fans as a whole earlier today by holding a press conference and speaking publicly about the incident for the first time. It was all routine for the most part, with Rice getting choked up as he spoke. But two things struck us as odd. One was that Rice decided to use this choice of words while offering up his apology:

Given what happened between him and Janay that night, the idea of him using the words "getting knocked down" and "not getting up" didn't seem appropriate.

And another thing that rubbed us the wrong way was that Janay also spoke and apologized for her role in the incident. Additionally, the Ravens made it a point to send out a tweet noting that she apologized during the press conference:

And as you might expect, that had a lot of people wondering, "Why is she apologizing?"

All in all, it was good to see Rice finally speak out about the incident. But the words he chose to use while doing it and Janay's apology both overshadowed the rest of his apology. And when you add that to the fact that he didn't take any questions at the end of the press conference, something tells us that he's going to continue hearing about this incident for a long, long time.

You can watch his entire press conference in the clip above.

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[via CBS Baltimore]