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To many victims of a car accident, debilitating injuries can effectively put the brakes on living a normal life, but not Sam Schmidt, owner of Schmidt Peterson Motorsports. Schmidt became a quadriplegic after an unfortunate racing accident in 2000 that left him without the use of his hands and legs. However, that didn’t stop him from driving a modified 2014 Corvette Stingray around Indy on Sunday. 

Schmidt’s car uses a head-mounted infrared camera, bite sensor, and GPS system to help him maneuver around the track. It’s a system that could help other disabled drivers to regain their confidence and get back behind the wheel.

The infrared system measures his head tilt to calculate steering and acceleration changes, paired with the bite sensor in his mouth to control the car’s braking. GPS aids in keeping the car within 1.5 meters from the track’s edge.

Schmidt still has speed at heart too. He averaged 73mph on his 10-mile stint with a top speed of 97mph down the main straight. Lots of able-bodied people wouldn’t even try that.

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