Take a trip down memory lane as we share a crazy moment at the podium, an amazing posterization, an absolute on-court fail or a memorable shooting performance from the postseason of the National Basketball Association in This Day in NBA Playoffs History.

Looking back at the Los Angeles Lakers' 2009 championship run, one loss here or there doesn't really seem like a big deal considering the end result was the Larry O'Brien trophy. However, on May 10, following a 99-87 loss to a Houston Rockets team without Yao Ming, Lakers head coach Phil Jackson was asked by one brazen reporter if The Zen Master was ashamed by the loss.

This is the same guy who already won over 1,000 regular season games and nine NBA titles at the time! Phil should've gotten up and smacked the guy for that level of disrespect, but instead, Jackson just dropped an F-bomb and kept it moving. 

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