Last Monday morning, a truck loaded up with more than $8000 worth of bread from the Queens-based store Grimaldi's Home of Bread was stolen in New York City. But David Bastar—the 29-year-old man who allegedly stole the truck—didn't take it and simply flee. Instead, he jumped behind the wheel of the truck while the truck's driver was inside of a pizza shop making a delivery and then went out and continued making random deliveries throughout NYC. He stopped at several restaurants, bars, and other establishments and unloaded boxes of bread, regardless of whether or not those places had ordered any bread from the bakery. By the time Bastar was done, he had unloaded almost all of the bread that was in the truck when he stole it.

So why did he do it? Well, cops are still trying to figure that out. Bastar didn't end up getting caught with the truck until a couple hours after he stole it. And the only reason police found him was because Bastar followed a Cadillac Escalade limousine to LaGuardia Airport after he was done delivering the bread. It apparently freaked the driver of the limo out and forced him to call the cops to report that he was being followed by Bastar.

Bastar was arrested a short time later and charged with criminal possession of stolen goods and driving without a license. But it's worth noting that he wasn't wearing any pants when police finally put him in handcuffs. So it's clear that something wasn't right with Bastar when he took the bread truck. As if you couldn't already tell.

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[via USA Today]