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"Look both ways before you cross." It's a statement that nearly every parent has said, teaching kids to make sure they're always aware of their surroundings while walking on any street. You never know what's coming, and there's no shame in double-checking either. But these days (and especially if you live in a city), you see fully-grown adults lackadaisically crossing from one sidewalk to the other, unknowingly walking straight into traffic while on their giant touchscreen devices. Or maybe they just try to beat the speeding car they see and don't realize that it is indeed going faster than they anticipated.

Either way, if you've ever had to high step at the end of your street stroll, you know that feeling of fear when you're close to getting hit. But just as a reminder, take a look at these terrifying GIFs of people who escaped some close-encounters of the automobile kind mostly unscathed. 

And then there are thes that have nothing to do with crossing the street, but are equally crazy: 

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