Tomorrow is the first Saturday of May and that means one thing: it's the 140th annual Kentucky Derby. It's the fastest two minutes in sports, the opener of the Triple Crown and one of, like, four horse races we can actually name. With all the prestige that surrounds the "exclusive" (or so we thought) event we were shocked to find out how many of the 165,000 patrons in attendance are hammered beyond belief. 

We never really thought about it growing up because: A.) Our youthful innocence and B.) We didn't watch it. But there's a massive disparity in class between Churchill Downs' grandstands and their lesser televised infield. It's night and day. Up and down. Armani and Walmart. We've been so used to the non-horse coverage centering around ladies in gaudy hats, that we haven't even considered the peasant folk in the middle of the action. Shame on you NBC for turning your cameras away from the drunken buffoons in the eye of the stadium. Today we're blind no more as we combine the biggest horse races of the year to bring you The Most Drunk Horse Racing Fans at the Triple Crown.