There are a lot of things we've asked for over and over again: a new WRX hatchback, for people who suck at driving to start taking the bus, and a new Honda S2000. Subaru has denied us the WRX hatch and blind 97-year-olds still think they can drive, but Honda might just be giving us that new S2000, and in a better way than we could have thought.

According to Auto Express, the S2000 successor will be powered by a 350 hp turbocharged four-pot mounted behind the seats and mated to a mild hybrid system of some sort. That's right, the new S2000 sounds like its main competition will be a used NSX, especially given that it will probably cost between $32,000-$37,000. If this rumor is accurate, we can't wait to drive this car.

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[via Auto Express