When Michael Vick agreed to sign with the New York Jets during the offseason, he knew that he was going to have to change his jersey number. Vick has worn No. 7 throughout his career, but at the moment, Jets quarterback Geno Smith wears it. So instead, Vick decided to roll with the No. 1.

Only one problem: That jersey number wasn't available, either. It was occupied by punter Ryan Quigley. But fortunately, Quigley decided that he wasn't going to hold the number ransom from Vick. Instead, he worked out a deal that will allow Vick to wear No. 1 this season…in exchange for $10,000.

Not a bad little payout for the punter, right? Quigley won't see a dime of that money, though. Rather than accept it from Vick, he has decided to donate it all to a charity in Myrtle Beach, S.C. that benefits homeless teenagers. So Vick will get his desired number, the charity will get their money, and Quigley will come out of this deal looking like a great guy. Sounds like everybody won.

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[via For The Win]