Earlier today, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced the passing of owner Malcolm Glazer, who was 85. Following a pair of strokes eight years ago, Glazer was never the same. As a result, Malcolm handed over the reins to his sons Joel, Bryan and Ed. However, during his time at the helm, Bucs fans will always remember the way the Glazer family overhauled the struggling franchise and turned them into Super Bowl champions in 2002. 

In what became an unfavorable move among the club's supporters at the time, Glazer took a controlling stake of Manchester United (nearly 57 percent) in May 2005. Even though United managed to win the Champions League in 2008 and five Premier titles (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013) following the acquisition, some fans felt bitter, especially over concerns of a crippling debt taken on by the Glazer family. So, when the news of Malcolm's passing surfaced, you know some United fans had to take to Twitter to fire off some mean-spirited messages.

While some came to their senses...  

Others didn't. 

But that's just a light jab compared to the following tweets:  

Obviously, we must reiterate that these tweets do not reflect the feelings of every United fan. As for those individuals posting these hateful messages, we don't know what to say. Just unbelievable. 

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