Michael Vick has dealt with his fair share of hecklers over the years. People have yelled at him about everything from his play on the field to his federal dogfighting case. But on Thursday night, the Jets quarterback was forced to deal with a different kind of heckler—a guy who wasn't afraid to try and get right up in his face in order to tell Vick exactly how he felt about him with regards to his mistreatment of animals.

As you can see in the video above—which was obtained by TMZ Sports today—an unidentified man attempted to approach Vick at the The Ainsworth in New York City on Thursday night while Vick, LeSean McCoy, and several other people were inside of the bar watching the 2014 NFL Draft. And while the guy didn't get close enough to Vick to confront him directly, he did come close to doing it before security stepped in and tossed him from the bar. It was a tense scene that could have gone a lot differently if the security guards didn't step in.

Watch it all unfold in the clip. Is this really what Vick has to look forward to during his time in NYC?

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[via TMZ Sports]