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Three years ago today, the world lost Macho Man Randy Savage when the former wrestling champion lost control of his Jeep while he was driving and was involved in a fatal auto accident. Savage was 58 at the time of the incident. And while his best wrestling days were behind him when he passed away, we still weren't ready to say goodbye to the man who made the flying elbow famous and brought Zeus into the wrestling world.

The Macho Man held 20 championships during his professional wrestling career and was once named the greatest champion of all time by the WWE. More than just a great champion, though, Savage was a great showman who did as much for professional wrestling as anyone. Fans adopted him as a hero and fellow wrestlers acknowledged his dominance both inside and outside of the ring. Yes, he became a spokesman for Slim Jim in the mid to late 1990s, but we prefer to remember Randy Mario Poffo as the great wrestler and entertainer he was. So say one more "Ooh yeah!" for old times' sake and check out Macho Man Randy Savage's Most Badass Moments.