Speaking with reporters this morning after practice, the Indiana Pacers’ Lance Stephenson declared that he has taken up residence in LeBron James’ head.

The comments were sparked by a reporter asking about all the yapping the two were doing in the first half of last night’s Game 3, something LeBron very rarely participates in. Stephenson said that “it's a sign of weakness” and “I'm doing something right to get underneath his skin.”

While that might be true in a vacuum, Lance is kind of ignoring the fact that LeBron still went for 25 points, five rebounds, seven assists, and four steals last night in a Heat victory. So saying he’s in LeBron’s head might be a bit of a strong statement.

He did give James some credit, saying that “[LeBron] is the best player in the league,” but the ever-defiant Coney Island product also said that “I will refuse to back down to him.” While the Pacers have to love the enthusiasm and fearlessness here, maybe Lance should just worry about his team getting a win and avoiding falling into a 3-1 hole.

[via ESPN]