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Kevin Garnett will go down as a Hall of Famer at some point in the near future (hopefully in five years, it's time to retire fam). But for now, he's a respected veteran. He's also known as a pretty old veteran, the kind goes from scoring in the 20s consistently come playoffs time to being held to a modest 6.9 points.

But today we celebrate Garnett on his 38th birthday. There's been much written about his defensive and scoring proficiency (although you only need to listen to Styles P's verse for a quick, solid synopsis). What's not been written about enough are his facial expressions. Garnett is passionate about the game and his feels, which leads to some cartoonish, but probably ubiquitous expressions. There are a lot of them, too: elation, grief, struggle, angst, aggression, joy, murderous tendencies. We've narrowed them down to 38, and they just so happen to be the ones that could apply to your non-professional basketball-playing lifestyle. So here it is: 38 Kevin Garnett Facial Expressions You Can Use in Everyday Situations.

Written by Brian Josephs (@Bklyn_Rock)