Lil B and the "Based God's Curse" have really done a number on Kevin Durant, haven't they?

Okay, okay, so it doesn't really look like the curse is having much of an effect on KD right now. He did, after all, just lead the Thunder to a 4-2 playoff series win over the Clippers to advance to the 2014 Western Conference Finals. But on Tuesday night, Durant made headlines for turning his back on his teammate Russell Westbrook when he shot free throws late in Game 5 of the series. And late yesterday, Durant explained that he always looks away when his teammates are shooting free throws late in games because he feels as though he's "bad luck."

"I've been doing that all year, especially late in the games," he admitted. "It's not like I don't trust my guys to make the free throws. I think I'm just bad luck. Every time I go to a Redskins game, we lose. Every time I watch a Texas game, we lose. Every time I watch something, it's not going the way I want it to go. So I have to turn my head."

Is KD being overly superstitious? Maybe. Or maybe, just maybe, he actually believes in the power of the "Based God's Curse." Either way, don't expect him to start watching his teammates shoot free throws moving forward. What he's been doing has been working, so why change things up now?

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[via The Oklahoman]