With an estimated 7,700 cars, the Sultan of Brunei is known as the world's biggest car collector. But because of the policies he's enacted in the small country in Southeast Asia, he's also known as a huge asshole. That's why Jay Leno joined protesters outside the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is owned by the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

The protest is in response to new, harsh Islamic rules being implemented in Brunei. Bolkiah's plans include laws that would punish adulterers and homosexuals with a barbaric death by stoning

“What year is this?" Leno said to the crowd. "1814? Come on people, it’s 2014."

Leno's wife has been spreading word of Bolkiah's plans, and organizations are pulling out of events at the hotel quick. The Feminist Majority Foundation cancled plans to hold an award ceremony there, and the Human Rights Campaign is encouraging other organizations to follow its lead. 

Leno may get a lot of shit in the world of pop culture, but everyone should applaud him for taking a stand here. 

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[via Variety