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If you've ever been to a Major League Baseball game, then you know that there's always a warning issued to fans about the possibility of flying balls and bats entering the stands. Well, last night it wasn't a bat or a hard hit foul ball that was responsible for the damage at Progressive Field in Cleveland, and Angel Stadium of Anaheim. It was the aggressiveness and lack of athletic ability of an Angels and Indians fan, respectively, that caused both insult and injury.

First, check out this member of the Tribe faithful running in front of his fellow fans in an attempt to grab a ball that's tossed, not hit, into the stands from Asdrubal Cabrera. The dude misses it completely, and takes it right on the nose. Justice?

On the west coast, a Halos fan threw all sense of good judgment and awareness for others out the window when he crushed an elderly woman in pursuit of a foul pop up. The look on both of their faces says it all, really. Way to go, bro.

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[via The Big Lead & @linkcalhoun]