Spurs coach Gregg Popovich doesn't like doing in-game interviews. But at this point, it looks like he's come to terms with the fact that he has to do them. And believe it or not, he's started to have a little bit of fun with them—even if it doesn't necessarily always look like it.

Case in point: The interview he did with TNT's David Aldridge last night. Even though the Spurs had just blown a big first quarter lead against the Thunder, Popovich started off his in-game interview with Aldridge by briefly giving him the silent treatment. And then, after some prodding, he snapped out of it and actually—gasp—answered a couple of questions from Aldridge. He still didn't look all that interested in talking at length about his team. But his in-game interview last night was better than just about every other in-game interview he's ever given.

Not to worry, though, Spurs fans. After the game, Coach Pop was back to his usual surly self:

But we expect big things from him during his Game 5 in-game interview now. He's clearly gotten the hang of this.

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[via The Big Lead]